Production Overdrive

If I thought last week was productive it has nothing on this! I think now that I'm finally set on an overall style for my tableware, I've found it much easier to ramp up the making and I'm brimming with ideas for further pieces. I've made even more plaster bats! Three smaller plates and a... Continue Reading →

Results Just In

It's been a very varied week at uni with lots of making and a number of things back from the kilns.  First off are the coloured slip test tiles.  The colours are probably not best shown in the photographs below, but in the flesh there are a number that I think will work brilliantly, either... Continue Reading →

Post Easter Catch Up

Back again after pretty much a two week break, with the kids being off school for the Easter holidays.  I've come back slightly incapacitated after a minor disagreement with a hook knife (badly attempting to carve a spoon on Easter Sunday), but should all be fully functioning again in about a week.  Until then I... Continue Reading →


This week the UCLAY exhibition opened in the PR1 Gallery.  I have to say everyone's work looked fantastic and it was lovely to catch up with friends from previous years. Here's a few photos, in particular showcasing my fellow second years. Patricia Ramsden. Patricia Ramsden. Cath Criscenti. Alice Bohannon. Cath Criscenti. Johanna Storm Rusu And... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Transparent Glaze

It is notoriously difficult to get a transparent glaze with a matt finish.  The raw ingredients required to produce this usually also add an opaque-ness to the glaze, so trying to find a one that gives the finish I'm after for my work hasn't been straight forward.  Last week I mixed up several different test... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

I have been quite busy with my newly made plaster bats this week.  I think we're all conscious that Earth and Fire will be upon us before we know it and it's quite good to have a pre-final assessment deadline to work towards.  It's certainly making me more productive.  I've been trying out 2 plate... Continue Reading →

Back to the Board

After another weekend spent trawling the estuary flood line for interesting pieces of wood I arrived in uni with a number of suitably textured boards.  I've decided to make several plaster bats of different sizes and casts, to give me a good selection, for a range of plates and bowls.  These are the type of... Continue Reading →

Halima Cassell Lecture

Halima Cassell came into UCLAN today to give a lecture on her experience on becoming a ceramic artist and her current working practice.  It was part of the design module 2 series that we attended last year, but the guest ceramic speaker for us was Mike Eden so we were all keen to attend, especially... Continue Reading →

Gas Firing with Dave

Our lovely technician, Geoff, is off at the moment and so with a build up of work to be fired in the kiln room Dave decided we should have a tutorial on firing and set off the gas kiln as a group.  I do have my own kiln at home (electric) and am progressively feeling... Continue Reading →

The Edge

  This was the edge on my first platter.  Dave refers to it as 'pie crust' and I have to agree with him.  Not very successful.  As I've mentioned before on this blog I've been finding it tricky to a suitable edge for my vessels.  I had some success with snapping the clay at the... Continue Reading →

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