The Summer of Making

The summer holidays are well underway and already the days are starting to feel not quite as long as they were.  In amongst having fun with the kids and whizzing them off to various activities, I have been managing to make quick dashes into uni and seem to have something of a routine of a morning’s making,  followed by another morning of slipping and glazing.  I’ve been adapting my working practice to try and cut out one of the bisque firings and although it’s a little trickier I think it’s still producing similar results.  My original practice was to bisque fire the pieces once leather hard, apply slip to the bisqueware and rub this back to reveal parts of the clay body underneath.  This would then be rebisqued to allow me to apply a black stain/clay body wash, which could be wiped back without removing any of the slip and finally glazed.  I have never been all that happy about having three firings, it being less environmental as well as costly, so thought I’d experiment with applying the body wash on to the dried slip, then glaze and high fire.  It does rub off more of the slip but with careful application and removal it seems to be working.  The photos below are of pieces that have all been finished in that way.  Lots back over the last few weeks.  Enough I think to have a good choice for my final assessment.

Great detail above of the slip crazing and the clay body breaking through.  This is the cobalt/rutile glaze.

In amongst the making frenzy, I had a great break away in Anglesey. Dog walking, beach combing, swimming in the sea, fossil hunting and not a lump of clay in sight.

Great surface texture on this old door in Beaumaris.

And here’s my favourite new technician…


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