And it all Went Glossy

Here’s the grand unveiling of my glossy range just back from the kiln.  I’m really happy with the different qualities these bring to my forms and surface .


The above is the rutile/copper oxide mix that flits between opaque and translucent and I think interacts with the black clay really successfully.    Below are some of the more fully transparent glazes.  I love the juxtaposition between the glossy interior and the more rugged matt edges, that look almost rust-like, from the clay body wash.

Somehow the glossy glaze seems to add more depth to the work which I really hadn’t anticipated.  The crazing detail in the slip, the scratches and pits are all magnified. 

Not all the colours are 100% correct so I’ll be selecting just a subset of these glazes to use for my final assessment.  I’ll be continuing to develop forms for this surface treatment, that will make up the table settings for my final assessment.

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