Schools Out for Summer

I was excited to get my glossy glaze test tiles back from the kiln this week. The results however were a bit disappointing.

img_1863 Not quite the crystalline view of the slipped surface that I was hoping for.  Dave felt that they might benefit from a higher firing than the 1260C they’d reached, so I decided to pop them back into the kiln for a re-fire to 1280C.   And just to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, I also making up a different base glaze to see whether that might work better.

Fast forward a few days and here are the results:


As you can see these are so much better than the first tests.  The ones without rutile give a lovely glassy finish, whilst still providing colour interest.  The ones with rutile I’m also very happy with.  This glaze seems to pool in the crevices of the texture, helping to enhance the effect of layering that I’m trying to achieve.  There’s very little difference between the two base glazes, but I think I marginally prefer the F glaze, so will just stick to that from here on in.

I’ve been getting on with lots of bowls and plates and platters.  Here they are all ready to go in for their second bisque firing.


As soon as I get these back I can try out the new glazes on them. It’s quite a major departure from the finish I started developing.  I will continue to make the pieces with the more subdued, matter surfaces but it’s great to have another style too that might appeal to other tastes.

School’s now broken up so my time will be required more at home but hopefully I can continue to make there as well as at uni and there will be plenty of time for walking, noticing and capturing all those things that help to support my ceramic practice.

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