Readying for Earth and Fire

There’s been a continued flurry of activity in the studio as we get ready for the Earth and Fire ceramic fair in Welbeck, Nottingham.  Lots more work back from the kiln including a group of three tall vases that I’m really happy with.  These will give some height to my table setting which I think is visually important.

fb504294-9f89-441c-837d-33dea795f481 The beakers that I made turned out well too.  I think the new glaze I’m using (Nick’s Misfire) gives a great finish and is exactly the clear, matt look I was after.

img_0928img_0918-1 I’m hoping to have some shorter ones ready to take with me and will probably make these with a contrasting, darker finish.

In between making things in a style of what seems to be coming a tried and tested formula, I’m still experimenting with other ideas.  Seeing some of Cath’s lovely, colourful, glossy glazes made me wonder if I could incorporate some colour and glass-like effects in my own work.  Cath very kindly let me use a couple of her glazes to see how they worked.


The results were not what I was after, but I’m going to carry on and pursue this idea further.  I’ve started mixing up some different glossy glazes and added in a few different oxide combinations. Hopefully this will give me a whole new area to explore. I’m particularly interested in capturing the crazing of the slip underneath a tinted, glass-like surface.

The rest of my time this week has been spent doing more practical things in readiness for Earth and Fire.  I did some food styling and table setting, mock-ups in order to get some good photos for my business cards.  It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while but I always seem to end up making whenever I get any time for ceramics.  It was good to do though as the pieces really do look quite different when set out like this and it’s very encouraging to see everything coming together so well.

With the photos done all that was left was to work on our table set up.  A quick coat of paint to smarten up the UCLAN display shelves and then a dry run of the actual stall set up.


Think it’s going to look great! So all that’s left now is to pack up, drive there and take part in my first ever ceramics fair. Exciting!!

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