Gas Firing with Dave

Our lovely technician, Geoff, is off at the moment and so with a build up of work to be fired in the kiln room Dave decided we should have a tutorial on firing and set off the gas kiln as a group.  I do have my own kiln at home (electric) and am progressively feeling... Continue Reading →

The Edge

  This was the edge on my first platter.  Dave refers to it as 'pie crust' and I have to agree with him.  Not very successful.  As I've mentioned before on this blog I've been finding it tricky to a suitable edge for my vessels.  I had some success with snapping the clay at the... Continue Reading →

Testing, Testing

Here are the paving slab plates back from the glaze firing.  The black stain seems to have burnt off completely so I've only been left with the white slip contrasting with the terracotta body underneath.  The transparent glaze required to make them food safe is still too glossy. Overall I feel there's not enough depth to... Continue Reading →

Paving Slab Plates Update

The plates I made just before Christmas came out of the kiln a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to include them on last weeks blog post.  Here they are: The bowl to accompany them was pinched and the beaker thrown and then altered.  All made in terracotta.  Not really my clay of choice... Continue Reading →

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