Paving Slab Plates

I just had time, before Christmas begins to fully overtake my life, to make a few more quick slab plates at home.  The paving slabs on our road are traditional sandstone ones and  beautifully worn through the footfall of many years.  I thought it might be nice to have a go at making some quick... Continue Reading →

Christmas in the Studio

So here's the finished piece we made for the Christmas buffet project in all it's glorious kitschness! We were aiming to fulfil the following brief from Dave: MA Ceramics - Christmas Buffet Project Working in teams you are required to produce a table centre-piece form / structure to display / serve / support / present... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

My plates came out of the glaze firing. My initial reaction was of disappointment but as they have sat on my desk for a few days I am beginning to find more things to like in them.  I think this was a response to the colour, which is much more vibrantly blue than the grey... Continue Reading →

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