A quick post this week as it's been mainly a glazing week and I remissly managed to glaze most of my bisque work before taking any photos of it! You get the idea! Anyway these have all had a layer of the Yo Thom glaze brushed on and I've left them with Geoff  (our wonderful... Continue Reading →

Fast Food Plates

I've been working with the salvaged wood pieces I collected a week or so ago down by the Lune estuary.  First job was to take an impression from one of the boards using a large slab of clay and then from that I've made a plaster cast, I left this to dry overnight, neatened the... Continue Reading →

Potters on Tour: Trip to Wales

This week we've had a school trip! We all headed down to Denbighshire in Wales to visit the Ruthin Craft Centre, two studio potteries and Craig Bragdy Design, a family run company who make ceramic murals.  It was a full itinerary but we managed to start with a breakfast in the craft gallery cafe and... Continue Reading →

Flotsam and Jetsom

During my last tutorial with Dave we discussed the practicalities of making hand built tableware and how beneficial it could be to have a quick way of producing multiples of things like plates and bowls.  Some of the slab building I've been doing to date has been quite time consuming, so I was interested in... Continue Reading →

Anna’s Demo and Latest Results

Another great week at uni.  The kilns have been busy firing away and I've got some more bisque fired work back. Here are the snapped-edge, stacking platters I made a couple of weeks ago.  These were hand built at uni using Valentine's PF660 (black, chunky, stoneware clay).  They were assembled and then brushed over with... Continue Reading →

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