Slip Development

With the departure of the second years the studio at UCLAN is now much quieter.  Having floated around using randomly available work spaces for the last year I have decided to set myself up with my own permanent space and make sure I'm fully equipped with tools so I don't have to keep carrying so... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Lovely Second Years

Wednesday night was the private show for the graduating second years.  They've all worked so hard, especially in the last few months, bringing everything together for their final assessment and this show.  It all felt quite emotional, not only having to say goodbye to some lovely friends, but also the realisation that I'm now half... Continue Reading →


Popped over to see my mum this weekend and took some photos of the old saw mill building in Dacre Banks.  It closed down a good few moths ago now but was already falling into a state of disrepair before that.  Vibrant colours though.  Someone should open a pop up pizzeria there! I never seem... Continue Reading →

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