Out of the Kiln

Overall I was again disappointed with my recent kiln load of work.  The addition of the granular feldspar wasn't altogether successful though possibly with some grinding it may work.  It is very rough and sharp on the bottom and would shred any table surface irreparably. Maybe the addition of feet, without the feldspar, would help... Continue Reading →

Glaze Test Results and More Concoctions

For the last few weeks I've been working mainly on developing a series of different glazes.  I got my fired test tiles back from the glaze I'd worked on back in May. These were the ones with differing percentages of copper carbonate in. These had the manganese and cobalt oxide added, also in differing percentages.... Continue Reading →

Working on Forms and Some Clay Additions

The feedback from my first assessment was to work fast and loose and to keep trying out different forms for plates and bowls. Dave suggested trying to get away from what you think of as a traditional plate. So far the things I've tried have been flat and rimmed. He also suggested working with different... Continue Reading →

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