Earth and Fire

Myself, Cath and Pamela drove down to Nottingham last Saturday to see the second years and their stall at the ceramics fair Earth and Fire. This was the first ever ceramics fair I'd attended and I loved it! Amazing to see so many potters and their wares in one space. I thought it might make... Continue Reading →

Phoebe Cummings Exhibition in Leeds

  This week I visited the Tetley Gallery in Leeds, with my lovely friend Emmy, specifically to see the installation by Phoebe Cummings.  The exhibition was entitled Material Environment and featured work from 5 different artists.  Click here to read a bit more about it.  I particularly liked Serena Korda's soundscape and was interested to discover... Continue Reading →

Some Sketchbook Work

I started off a sketchbook back in October when I first began the MA course.  I kept trying to draw designs for pots but it didn't seem to lead me anywhere as most of my forms are very simplistic plates or bowls.  After a while I gave up all together but over the last few... Continue Reading →


I had a very pleasant wander around St Georges Quay this week looking for some colour and texture inspiration.  It's an area steeped in history as in its hey day Lancaster used to be a major port and you can still spot signs of it's maritime past.  Lots of the buildings here were warehouses where... Continue Reading →

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