Glazing results and assessment

It was fascinating to see the results of my latest glaze firing. I'm not sure there was even one piece that came out looking anything like I expected it to. I really do have so much more to learn about glazes and I'm currently working mainly with bought ones (that weren't quite as advertised), not... Continue Reading →

Light and shade

More wanderings locally and further afield, and more images to fuel my inspiration. The last few are taken at Stott Park Bobbin Mill up by Newby Bridge.  It's a great little place to visit, brought vividly alive by the tour guides that take you round.   Do visit if you ever get chance!

Slurried edges and more test tiles

This week I've been working on some more slab built plates.  I'm hoping to have a few sets ready in time for my first assessment in a week's time.  I particularly like these ones.  The slabs were rolled a bit thinner that some of the other plates I've made so far, so they have a... Continue Reading →

Developing glazes

After our glaze tutorial with Dave I was itching to get on and start to mix up my own glaze recipe.  I did my first set of tests at home mixing up a glaze to the following recipe: Talc                           37 Potash Feldspar   ... Continue Reading →

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