Some LARGER vessels…

Today I decided I'd have a go at making some larger vessels that could be used as a serving dishes.  I hand built the first one starting off with a slightly curved slab-formed base using the wooden dish I'd picked up in a charity shop as a former. Once this had firmed up enough I... Continue Reading →

More plates, cups and bowls

I've been working on some more plates, cups and bowls. These were all slab built this time.  I'm still predominantly working with slabs and it seems to often be the edges of the vessels that change the most when I'm thinking of  different designs.  This time I experimented with thinning the edge and then rolling... Continue Reading →

Out collecting

I'm starting to look at adding different additions to the clay I'm using to see what kind of results it produces.  This seems to be an entirely appropriate thing to do as I'm continually being inspired by the land and places that surround me as I walk the dogs every day. We took a ride... Continue Reading →

Our final show

At the very end of our stay at the ICS Dave had us all set up for an impromto show in the museum space.  We were only open for about an hour and during that time entertained just one (distinguished) guest, the artist in residence,  Ivan! Here's a slideshow showing a photo of each person's... Continue Reading →

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