Some Colour Studies

I decided to do some colour studies today.  I’m hoping that this will help me when I come to decorate the surface of my pots with slips, glazes and oxides.  Taking inspiration from some of the photos I’ve been taking whilst out with the dogs I started layering up some small squares using acrylic paints.... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Imperfection

Just before Christmas we completed our literature and contextual reviews for the design research module 1 part of the MA.  Some of my fellow students had a very clear idea about what they want to achieve over the next two years whereas I came to the course with little preconceived ideas and just a desire... Continue Reading →

Likes and Dislikes

This week we did a round the table presentation of three ceramic pieces we liked and three we disliked.  I found it surprisingly difficult to choose the three items for the dislike category.  It seemed easier to to feel indifferent to people's work and to find some appreciation of the making of it, even it... Continue Reading →

Glazing Basics

Hot on the heels of our tutorial in mould making Dave gave a quick overview on glazes. This is obviously a huge area in ceramics so what we covered was very basic but we will be going into much more detail as we progress through the coming year. This is an area I really know... Continue Reading →

Plaster Mould Making

I have been very distracted by essay writing and then Christmas, which means that this blog has been sadly neglected for the last month. I'm going to try and catch up on some of the key events of last semester over the next week. Way back in November Dave gave us a tutorial in plaster... Continue Reading →

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