Final Firings

Our final assessment is nearly upon us and over the last few weeks I've been very busy preparing for this. With the kids back at school I've had a couple of weeks of uninterrupted studio time. I have a good base of finished pieces already but knew there were some that could be improved and... Continue Reading →

The Summer of Making

The summer holidays are well underway and already the days are starting to feel not quite as long as they were.  In amongst having fun with the kids and whizzing them off to various activities, I have been managing to make quick dashes into uni and seem to have something of a routine of a... Continue Reading →

And it all Went Glossy

Here's the grand unveiling of my glossy range just back from the kiln.  I'm really happy with the different qualities these bring to my forms and surface . The above is the rutile/copper oxide mix that flits between opaque and translucent and I think interacts with the black clay really successfully.    Below are some... Continue Reading →

Schools Out for Summer

I was excited to get my glossy glaze test tiles back from the kiln this week. The results however were a bit disappointing. Not quite the crystalline view of the slipped surface that I was hoping for.  Dave felt that they might benefit from a higher firing than the 1260C they'd reached, so I decided... Continue Reading →


I have been back into the studio, all enthused after the Earth and Fire experience. There is a real sense now that the MA is coming to an end.  The momentum is starting to build towards the final assessment that, though in September, is only 10 weeks away.  Within that period both Geoff and Dave... Continue Reading →

Earth and Fire

Back home after a fantastic few days at the Earth and Fire Ceramics fair in Welbeck, Nottingham.  This was my first time exhibiting at a ceramics fair, but with so many fellow and ex-MA students taking part too, there was plenty of help and support around, so a perfect first fair.  We arrived at lunchtime... Continue Reading →

Readying for Earth and Fire

There's been a continued flurry of activity in the studio as we get ready for the Earth and Fire ceramic fair in Welbeck, Nottingham.  Lots more work back from the kiln including a group of three tall vases that I'm really happy with.  These will give some height to my table setting which I think... Continue Reading →

Lots More Making

Still powering on with the making in preparation for Earth and Fire.  Think I'm almost there, which is good news as the number of potential firings between now, and us packing up, are rapidly decreasing.  I got lots back from the recent glaze firing which included some of the items with the monoprinted coloured slip... Continue Reading →

Glazing Over

The problem with making so much stuff is that it comes back and then you've got a whole heap of glazing to do! I don't think I've ever had so much back from the kiln in one go. I worked initially on all the pieces that had come back from their second bisque firing, heading... Continue Reading →

Making Cups

Amongst other things this week I've started making some cups. This is very much a work in progress at the moment as I'm still unsure what the best way to do this is. The easiest method would be just to throw them but I think this will look incongruous next to the rest of the... Continue Reading →

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